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A clear and coherent answer in your IELTS Writing test boost your IELTS band score. The first important step is to understand the question. You must be able to identify what the question needs. Clear thinking will lead you to understand the question. Don’t panic when you do not know the answer. Although there is an allotted time in taking the test, make sure you analyze the question thoroughly.
Your writing structure will determine a high percentage of your score, just as your grammar and vocabulary. IELTS Review Center is the perfect avenue to learn how to improve your writing. IELTS Review Center in Makati, located at the Makati Central Business District (CBD), has a team of experts that can guarantee you a passing score in your IELTS Exam.

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Here are some tips to a better IELTS writing structure:

Introduction. A short paragraph that consist of 2-3 sentences. Clearly introduce the topic and your opinion. This is where you make your first impression, make it interesting.

Body of the essay. Elaborate your answer but be concise. The body of the essay is the key to a high score. You may have two main body paragraphs.

If the essay asks for you opinion, decide whether to agree, disagree or partly disagree. You must be able to persuade the reader that your view is right. The body of the essay should defend your opinion. Support what you wrote in your introduction. Sometimes, it’s not your personal stand on issues that is important, the examiner needs to know how deep and comprehensive your arguments are.

The body of the essay includes the topic sentence, supporting sentences (2-3 sentences) and the development sentences. The development sentences consist of evidence, example, experience or data.

Most likely, question in the IELTS Writing task has a follow-up statement like “include any relevant examples from your own personal experience.” In this case, use your own experience or your personal observation to further strengthen your argument.

Conclusion. Finish your essay with a conclusion. Although the main body of the essay is much more important, writing the conclusion still shows how good you are in your writing structure. Make your conclusion short by paraphrasing the answer you wrote in your introduction.

In IELTS Writing, present your answer in a logical and organized way. Paragraphing should be well-maintained to give your essay a good flow and that your argument builds and develops. Use a wide range of vocabulary. Vocabulary must be used appropriately and naturally in the development of your ideas. You can learn all these and much more in an IELTS Review Center. Students in IELTS Review Center in Makati are truly happy for the training they get to achieve that IELTS score.

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