Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Creative Ideas to help you with your IELTS exam

Different tips and strategies are taught in an IELTS review center to students who are preparing for the examination. These tips are very helpful to know more about the exam and even in choosing and coming up with responses to the different tasks. IELTS test candidates who successfully aced the examination attest that these tips are needed and best used during the examination, great help indeed!

IELTS review center in Makati and other cities offer different programs for students to address their needs for IELTS training. Despite a good and quality review course, there are other creative ideas that one can do to help them learn better with the IELTS test. Here are some ideas on how to effectively prepare for your IELTS exam.

IELTS Center

•    Have a vocabulary memo
Write down at least 10 words every day that you can use in daily conversations. Find the definition of these words and write at least a sentence on how they can be used. As each day passes, you will be amazed on the number of words that you have in your vocabulary memo. You can use these in your speaking responses as well as on your essays for the writing tasks.

•    Watch English movies and TV series as often as possible
This may look like you are procrastinating with your review, but watching these can actually improve your skills in understanding the English language. Watch English movies that use strong British or Australian accents, as these are commonly used in the examination. Remember that studying for the IELTS does not have to be very serious, you can always have fun as well.

•    Use English when chatting with friends
It is actually nicer for an IELTS review center to have an area where students can only speak English. For instance, instructors can encourage students to only use English when in the classroom. Also, sending messages or even chatting with friends in English can help one get comfortable with the language. It may be a little awkward at first, but everyone will get comfortable as speaking in English has become natural.

•    Answer grammar exercises online
There are a lot of grammar activities found online that can help strengthen one’s grammar skills. Reviewing on the rules of grammar can affect greatly the content of the responses. You do not have to know all the rules; the basics are actually enough to come up with a decent response in the examination.

•    Have a discussion group
A discussion group can help each individual become better at English. This is a good avenue to share knowledge and learn from other people as well. It is like group studying where everyone can freely share what they have in mind.

•    Play English games
IELTS review center in Makati and other cities have exercises that include group activities such as charades that improve students learning in the English language. These games are not only breaking the boring routine class, but also make students active in learning.

•    Always find a quiet place when reviewing for the test
An IELTS review center emphasizes the need for students to find places where they can focus on studying. Such places can include the library, a coffee shop, or even memorial parks as these provide a place where one can dedicate a lot of time in learning.
Simple yet effective, this is how these ideas are in helping one ace the IELTS test.

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