Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Everything You Know about IELTS Review is a Lie

Before I decided to take my IELTS test, I was told by a couple of friends that I should not believe the testimonials I read online about the IELTS review center in Makati I was planning to enroll in. They said that these written on their website were just used to attract more students that what was written were all lies, a scheme. Fortunately, I am someone not easily persuaded in such talk. I wanted to prove them wrong – that everything they know about this review is a lie.

Finding an IELTS review center was challenging when you consider the review programs offered by these different IELTS centers. When I was finding one, I was easily persuaded because of the positive feedback, and one of my friends actually passed the IELTS through the help of this center. I heard different negative comments about IELTS review, and with my experience, I will prove that these are a bunch of lies about IELTS review.

ielts review center

1.    Review centers are crowded with a lot of students.
If you consider 20 students in each class to be crowded, then I think you have a problem focusing on studying. The IELTS review center in Makati made sure that there were only 20 students enrolled in the class every session. When there were more, the students were given to other teachers. They do this to ensure the quality they bring to their students. Despite the number of students, the teacher will still have enough attention given to the group.

2.    Review materials are outdated.
I was surprised that IELTS review center I was with actually have the recent review materials for the exam. I was searching online for books for IELTS and these were the same books the center was using that time. The materials proved that the review center actually provided us with the best review during that time.

3.    IELTS review is boring.
It was certainly not. In classes, we had group activities and games that made the class interactive and fun. Speaking classes were done differently as there were board games wherein the penalty would be answering a speaking task in front of the class. It was so much fun that students always looked forward to that class.

4.    IELTS instructors are just English teachers.
They are indeed English teachers, but they are the best in town. When I was doing my review, all my instructors came from the best universities in the city. Their IELTS scores are all 8.5 or 9.0, and they have been teaching for at least four years. The experience they have gained truly makes them experts in IELTS.

5.    IELTS review is pricey.
An IELTS review center offers quality, and their prices are all reasonable. With the training I had and the success in my IELTS test, the fee I had to pay was just reasonable with all the learning and practice I had.

A lot may be skeptics with the courses given by IELTS review centers, but I assure you that learning from them is the best preparation for the IELTS test.

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