Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How Do You Know You Are Prepared For your IELTS Review Exam

Getting ready for the examination is the most stressful part in preparing for the IELTS. A lot of IELTS candidates get cold feet as their test day fast approaches. Many of these candidates choose to enroll in a review center for the IELTS. They believe that IELTS review centers can help them achieve success in their test. In fact, an IELTS review center in Makati has been known in delivering quality review and coaching for their students.

Being prepared for the exam is difficult. No matter how hard you review, there are times that something is still lacking which affects the self-confidence of the IELTS test candidates. Candidates do not feel prepared despite the months they have spent with their instructors. How can one be sure that he or she is already prepared to take the challenge of the IELTS test?

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If you are reviewing for the IELTS, here are some indicators that you are already fit to take the IELTS exam. When all of these get a check on your list, then you are already set to take your IELTS test.

1.    Better understanding in vocabulary
The test uses a lot of new words in English – both American and British vocabulary. When you do not have difficulty understanding words and phrases in the reading and listening, then this is a clear indicator that you have built a good command in vocabulary. Also, when you do not have any trouble using context clues to understand paragraphs better, then it is a green light for you to take the test.

2.    Improved performance in speaking mock exams
Consistency in your scores on the speaking mock exams is another good indicator of your readiness for the test. When you get a good score of 7.0 in your mock exams, you have to maintain it for at least a month. The speaking exams have a variety of topics, but the way you discuss your answers should be consistent in the quality of its content. Also, the confidence in speaking should be maintained as this greatly affects your performance. An IELTS review center in Makati believes that consistent performances lead to a great score in the IELTS test.

3.    Above 7.0 band scores in mock exams
Getting scores more than 7.0 is a clear indicator that your skills are already great to take the real examination. Getting a band score of 8.0 or better in these sections means that your skills are shaped up for the IELTS and taking the real test will just be easy for you. However, it is important to maintain that score for about a month. A review center for the IELTS know that consistency in the scores is a good signal to students that they are prepared for the examination.

A review center for the IELTS knows the importance of the student’s performance in the mock exams. Through mock results, instructors could evaluate their students if they are all set to take the test. 

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