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The Student’s Diet: Five Beverages You Should Drink to Activate Your Mind

Whether it is a month-long vacation or simply a five-minute nap, many people find it difficult to get their mindset back into “study mode” after a period of relaxation. 

For IELTS test takers, this may be one of the most daunting pre-study challenges they would have to face—right next to “finding an excellent IELTS review center to enroll in and “how can I fit my English courses into my busy schedule” dilemmas. Browsing the given study materials before taking your classes can put your mind back into the “study zone.” Most training centers, such as the IELTS review center in Makati, provide modules before the coursework begins.

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For short-term breaks, studies show that drinking certain beverages not only activate your brain for mental-centered exercises but also improve your overall cognitive performance. Prepare your brain for extensive review and make it a habit of drinking the following beverages:

1.    Water – Here is a good reason why you should keep yourself hydrated while studying: 75% of your brain is composed of water. Depriving your body of its needed water intake not only messes with your bodily functions but also your cognitive abilities. Sufficient hydration in the brain improves your concentration and memory retention. It also combats mental blocks, brain exhaustion, headaches and more.

2.    Milk – While it is commonly known for its sleep-inducing properties and bone-building nutrients, study shows that drinking one glass of milk daily can power up your cognitive performance.  Researchers discovered that people who consume milk and other dairy products regularly perform better in mental exams compared to those who do not. Other studies also show evidence that milk can enhance memory recall and fight brain deterioration.

3.    Coffee – The workaholic’s favorite “wake-up” beverage, the caffeine in coffee can also stimulate your overall mental focus and awareness. According to various studies, drinking the right amount of coffee can improve your memory retention. However, too much of it can cause overstimulation, which could reduce your performance and cognitive competence.

4.    Fruit and Berry Juice – Many fruits are rich in brain-boosting and body-fortifying nutrients. Drinking fruit-based beverages such as smoothies, shakes and juices can elevate your concentration, memory, logical thinking and learning capacity provided that you use fresh produce. Steer clear of powdered juice mixes as they contain little to no nutritional properties.  In fact, the preservatives in these manufactured drinks can dull your mental faculties.

5.    Green Tea – An ancient beverage known for its relaxing effects and medicinal properties. Many studies show that green tea has certain nutrients that counter mental conditions like dementia,  Alzheimer’s and possibly,  with further research,  Down syndrome. Regular consumption of green tea enhances the communication between neurons, which lead to improved focus and memory.

Whether you are studying at home or preparing with the help of an excellent IELTS review center like the IELTS review center in Makati, keeping your mind in excellent condition while you train is crucial for exam success. Enhance your brain capacity by keeping your body hydrated.

Simply drinking the recommended water intake per day can do wonders to your mental performance—what more if you consume beverages that are rich in brain-enhancing nutrients.

The memory-enhancing properties of milk and coffee can help you remember your lessons better. Meanwhile, the beneficial effects of fruit-based beverages and green tea to your concentration, memory and logical thinking can definitely improve your cognitive performance.

All in all, supplementing your exam preparation efforts with brain-enhancing beverages not only improves your mental abilities but also your chances of securing your desired band score.


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