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IELTS Hacks: Tips to Ace the Speaking Exam

Many test takers consider the speaking evaluation as the most difficult component of the IELTS examination.  While the other sections challenge an examinee’s time management and multitasking ability, the speaking assessment tests your capacity to immediately internalize the given information, construct your reply, and deliver your answers – all under the scrutiny of an interviewer. 

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Taking courses in an excellent IELTS review center can help you acclimate to the pressures of the speaking test. The instructors of the IELTS review center in Makati offer coaching sessions and mock examinations not only for the speaking assessment but also for all the other test components.

Test administrators grade your performance in the IELTS speaking test based on four criteria: fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. Each component holds 25% of your speaking evaluation results. 

Do not be intimidated by the exam. Achieve the highest score possible for each criterion by following these tips:

Fluency and Coherence Tips 


•    Be spontaneous. Do not over-analyze the subject and play it safe. If there is something at the tip of your tongue about the topic, do not hold back, and give it your best shot. Sometimes, the best ideas are found through casual interjections.  

•    Develop your answers. Train yourself to structure your answers and replies with an intro, a body, and a conclusion. Apply this format in your everyday discussions even in conversations that require few-sentence-replies to integrate this speech structure into your delivery naturally.

•    Talk as much as you can.  It is crucial that you speak more than the examiner. Remember, this exam evaluates your speaking skills. Failure to provide substantive answers for assessment will immediately cost you points in your overall results.

•    Expand your answers – especially in “yes” or “no” questions. As the previous point stated, the more information you provide, the higher the score you can acquire. If the interviewer gives you a “yes” or “no” question, expand your answer. Give reasons you are against or why you support the given statement.

•    Concentrate on substance. Do not focus too much on fancy language. While the use of highfalutin words can earn you points in the lexical resource component, failure to apply them appropriately can reduce your marks in the fluency and coherence criterion.

Lexical Resource Tips 

•    Build up your vocabulary. The only way to increase your lexical knowledge is by immersing yourself in literature and other forms of informative media. You can watch English programs and movies, keep up with the news through an English news agency, read English materials, etc. 

•    Integrate English into your everyday discourse. Knowing a word's meaning, pronunciation, and spelling is not enough. You must be comfortable in enunciating it and using it in conversations. Make the language your own. Boost your confidence in using English by using it as often as you can.

Grammatical Range and Accurate Tips 


•    Construct your sentences using varying speech structures. Do not just utilize simple subject plus predicate sentences. Practice using compound and complex passages.

•    Correct yourself immediately – be it for content or pronunciation mistakes. Rectifying your errors as soon as you have made them shows awareness and knowledge.

•    Study up on opinion language. This is one of the tricky parts in “state your opinion” type of questions. Be aware of the distinct uses of “I think,” “I like,” “I believe,” and other similar viewpoint expressions.

Pronunciation Tips 


•    Speak out loud. After your vocabulary acquisition ventures, it is time you apply them to your verbal repertoire. Use your words in oral communication. Find conversation partners who will not laugh at your mispronunciations and incorrect verbal grammar. If you are taking courses in the IELTS review center in Makati, the instructors of this training facility can help you work on your pronunciation skills through coaching sessions. 

Do not let the nerve-wracking demands of speaking evaluation rattle your mind. Attend IELTS review center courses to adjust to the test expectations. Achieve the highest IELTS speaking score possible by considering the test strategies given above. 

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