Friday, June 23, 2017

Study Hacks: Keeping your Focus

Engaging in an intensive training like the IELTS review can sometimes take a toll on test-takers. This is the reason instructors in training facilities such as the IELTS review center in Makati, exert their best effort to make the lecture classes more engaging and easier to comprehend.

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Enrolling in an IELTS review center in Makati means taking the extra effort to learn something new and digest everything that is laid on your plate. With the vast amount of distractions present in the corner, it is important that you learn how to stay focused on achieving your IELTS goal. Here are some tips to help you concentrate on your IELTS review.

•    Set your goal
Determine the rationale behind your decision to take the IELTS review. This practice will help identify your purpose and list down your goals. Definitely, your ultimate goal is to accomplish your desired band score. In order to achieve this, you also need to set your objectives for each day—i.e. review one module per day, exceed your score in the previous mock exam, and speak in straight English. Setting small goals for each day helps keep you on track.

•    Develop a study routine
Set a schedule for reviewing each lesson. For instance, you may allot your free time during the morning or in the afternoon for studying the lessons previously discussed in the lecture. You may also set specific days for each component. Example:


•    Find a study corner
Determining a space solely for review purposes will help keep you focused. Find a comfortable place—it may be inside your house, a nearby coffee shop, or a library—where you can relax and delve into complex lessons. It is also important that you have all the learning resources you need when studying, such as learning modules, mock exams, paper, and pen, among others.

•    Do away from distractions
The accessibility of Internet can be one source of distraction. Now, fighting inattention highly depends on your discipline. For instance, if it is unnecessary, do not open social media sites as they are rather tempting than motivating. Another key is to learn how to prioritize. Know when to say no to invites especially when the time is supposedly spent on studying. One strategy is to identify your distractors, list them down, and post them on places where you can easily see. This is an effective practice to help remind you to not give in to distractions.

•    Focus on improving one aspect at a time
The IELTS has four components, and it goes without saying that you cannot take all the lessons in one full blow. Thus, it is significant that you focus on one subject at a time. For instance, you may allot a week for developing each of your communicative skills. Doing this will help you concentrate on improving one skill at a time.
Concentration is essential in any endeavor. Follow the review tips mentioned above and elevate your chances of acquiring your IELTS score goal.

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