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Different Types of Narrators

The narrator plays a significant role in a story. It controls everything that the readers know about the characters and guides them in the flow of events.

At the IELTS review center, you will learn that it is important to understand how authors present the narrator of their story. Instructors in training institutions, such as the IELTS review center in Makati, will not only walk you through the process of writing and reading. IELTS review center teachers will also help develop these skills.

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To aid your training program in the IELTS review center, you must understand how stories are written. Hence, you must learn about the different types of narration.

•    First-Person Narrator
Using the first-person point of view in telling a story, this narrator can either be a major or minor character in the story that the readers can easily relate with.

•    Second-Person Narrator
Using the second-person point of view, this narrator is a useful technique in engaging the readers by addressing them and making the content more relatable.

•    Limited Third-Person Narrator
A narrator using the third-person limited point-of-view and tells the story through the perspective of only one character using the pronouns “he” or “she.” Hence, the impression may be limited or biased. This technique is restrictive, but it increases the suspense of the story.

•    Omniscient Narrator
A variation of the third-person narrator wherein the speaker is the all-knowing narrator of the story. It peeks into the lives of all the characters and allows readers to explore multiple sides of the story in an in-depth manner.

•    Unreliable Narrator
A variation of the first-person narrator wherein the speaker is intentionally made biased to lure the readers to a specific perspective of the story. This restriction can be used for various ends and can heighten suspense.
 Knowing the different types of narrators helps not only in understanding a story but also in improving your storytelling skills. Learn more about telling a story and develop your communicative ability with JRooz IELTS Review Center.


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